What's in our Binance Portfolio ?

Portfolio Details

Sortable table with, for each asset, it's BTC value, owned quantity, profit since latest trade, estimated profit, 1h trend, 24h trend, week trend. Permanently refreshed and updated.

Portfolio Repartition

Private Pie chart with absolute and relative values of your portfolio from largest BTC value to smallest. Also provides a shareable chart showing only relative values (percentages).
  • You need a Binance account to use our Realtime Binance Portfolio
  • You need to be our Binance Referee to get granted to our Binance Trading Bot

What's in our Binance Trading Bot (beta) ?

  • Create one or more Trading Bots
  • Set bot's trading pair
  • Set required fall percentage before purchase
  • Set required rise percentage before sell
  • Set purchase quantity ratio of available funds
  • Set sell quantity of purchased asset
  • Eventually set a STOP LOSS percentage
  • Eventually set a maximum number of runs for this bot
  • Email notifications for every bot actions
  • Bot actions logged in bot history
  • Integration of pertinent indicators (SOON)
  • Bot performance reporting (SOON)
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